I worked as a designer, mainly UI/UX, for 15 years and in 2018 I moved to Japan and finally had the opportunity to become a full-time illustrator. Yay! ✨
My work is heavily incluenced by my design aesthetic: cute and succinct, with bright colors, limited pallets and a whole lot of experimenting in my free time. Professionally, I work mostly digital and now am starting to get confident with posca pens.
When it comes to clients, my many years as a designer give me an edge in terms of layout, harmony and typography.
I read and speak fluent/native english, portuguese and basic japanese, constantly studying the latter.
I've lived in Brazil, Montréal and am currently in Yokohama.
Do you have a project?
I'm currently open for commisions and proposals.
Let's work togheter, shall we? Send me an email clicking here!
Detail your illustration needs and even if I can't help you, I'll be sure to point you in the right direction! 😊
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